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How to Set Up A Marine Aquarium Like an Expert. (Aquarium and Turtle Mastery)

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How to Set Up A Marine Aquarium Like an Expert. (Aquarium and Turtle Mastery)


Author and official aquarium nut, David Chipperfield has had nearly a decade of experience in the fine art of owning, planning and caring for marine aquariums but he was once in your position too - filled with the enthusiasm of wanting to own a salt water aquarium but not having the experience that leads to owning the vibrant, colorful aquarium that all aquarists dream about.

This is book is written so that, even if you're a beginner, you can easily create a crystal clear, lively salt water aquarium filled with healthy fish and healthy coral.
When we asked Chipperfield to summarise what aquarium owners would find in the book, he told us:

"Sadly many marine aquarium owners give up on their dream after their fish become ill and die, their fish do not 'get along' together, one or more fish make a meal out of the rest of their tank or they make one of the other fatal (for the fish) mistakes that most aquarium owners fall prey to when they first buy their tank.
"It took me many years of experience and pain to learn the secrets that would ultimately lead me to being able to create incredible aquariums with remarkable ease.

"This book is what I wish I could have had when I was starting out, someone to give me the secrets of a successful aquarium and tell me exactly what I needed to know about fish, with clear step by step instructions on setting up my aquarium, keeping them healthy, choosing the right equipment, backup plans, what to watch out for when buying fish and much, much more...

David Chipperfield estimates that not understanding just a few of the tips in this book cost him over ,210 and hundreds of wasted hours and fish in trial and error early on in his marine hobby.

This book contains information that comes from years and years of hands on experience - including step-by-step answers to those tricky questions that you just can't seem to find the answer for.
Some of the sections you can find in this book are:

• Rules for a Successful Aquarium
• Planning and Choosing Parts
• Choosing Technology and Equipment
• Filters and Filtration Methods
• Setting Up Your Aquarium
• Choosing Your Fish
• Saltwater Fish Compatibility
• Maintaining Your Aquarium
• Aquarium Troubleshooting

Beware of some of the books out there that promise you a stunning aquarium with little or no work. One of the mistakes of an aquarium novice is assuming that there will be little or no work involved. Without proper planning and use of the correct techniques you could literally lose all of your fish again and again. Aquariums involve consistent work and preparation but with knowledge of the right aquarium time saving techniques you can minimize your overall maintenance time.

Just a few of the techniques covered in the book are:

• How the size of your tank affects maintenance, chemistry and the health of your fish
• Should you choose a glass or acrylic aquarium?
• What you have to do to wood before you put it in your tank to ensure that it doesn’t affect your fish
• Techniques to encourage plant growth in your aquarium
• What to avoid buying from your aquarium store that will leave you feeling shortchanged and unhappy
• The technique to use more than one heater that will help stop your fish from dying
• Why incandescent lights are insufficient for use in your aquarium
• How choosing the right substrate can bring out colours in your aquarium to make it even more beautiful
• Where to definitely NOT put your aquarium
• Safety tips you must know about handling your aquarium
• A clear guide to always choosing healthy fish

If you are looking for just one book with the tips you need to get your marine aquarium hobby stepped up to the next level then this could be the book for you.

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