Due to its weight, it will not float and requires no added weights during installation. Installation is easy and quick, compared to non-weighted tubing which requires added weights to keep it down.

  • Weighted tubing designed to carry air between the pump and the diffusers
  • Made to work in all weather, even the cold, MixAirTech sinking hose will provide many years of service
  • Size: 0.38 in.
  • Dimension: 6" H x 18" W x 18" L
  • Weight: 21 lbs

  • The simplest way to get air to your diffusers without ruining the aesthetics of your pond
  • Virtually invisible once it is connected and in place
  • Extremely durable, does not kink and remains flexible even in cold weather
  • This inside of the tubing has a smooth bore finish so there is less resistance which makes your aeration system more efficient
  • Allows for easier installation, placement and maintenance of diffusers without the hassle of bricks and ties to keep tubing in place

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MixAirTech Sinking Hose, Black, 3/8-Inch/100-Feet

  • $207.28
  • $206.60