The Mini Green Killing Machine is an internal UV sterilizer for small aquariums up to 20 gallons. This submersible sterilizer keeps water clean and clear by killing algae that causes green water, pathogens and other harmful bacteria. Quick and easily to install in just 5 minutes. Includes 3 watt UV sterilizer bulb sealed in a durable plastic enclosure, water pump with filtration sponge, control box with LED indicator for bulb replacement, flow regulator, suction cup mounting and individual plugs for the pump and bulb.For optimal results, replace the UV bulb every 3 - 6 months.
  • Make your aquarium a safer place for your fish: this state-of-the-art aa aquarium green killing machine eliminates cloudiness, impurities & bacteria and prevents mold, yeast and pathogens growth, to offer your fish the crystal Clear water they need to thrive in perfect health!
  • Uv filtration perfection for your fish Tank: get your hands on the #1 submersible unit for Pro grade uv radiation filtration of 254Nm wavelength, the ultimate safe solution in aquarium sterilization. No more harmful chemicals and toxic substances will threaten your fish!
  • Ultra powerful filtration pump for high performance: this uv aquarium sterilizer boasts a premium sponge inclusive filter that pumps at a killer Rate of 200L/her for filtering water fast and efficiently up to capacity of maximum 20 gallon (75L)

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Aquafit Aquatics AAUV3W-UL 12V 3W Uv Sterilizer

  • $54.99